The Birds and the Bees: Unabridged
Audience Response

Quotes from Audience Post-Show Surveys, Emails and Social Media Responses:

“This play validates, stimulates with laughter and shows our deep humanity.”

“I cried on the subway the first night I saw it. Just knowing people want to talk about this removes such a burden from me.”

“I appreciated that each storyline had a very specific relatable, honest human connection.”

“I love when theatre can make me feel something, and make me think.”

“Every human should see this!”

“Asexuality? That’s a thing?? I think that’s me! Thanks…”

“I have never been so entertainingly educated about female sexuality as I was tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned quite a bit along the way.”

Overall Audience Response:

In post-show surveys, audience members reported having a greater awareness of issues including; sex/uality and disability, trans* experiences, asexuality, racial inequalities in health care and the de-sexualization of older women. Many men reported gaining insights into female sexuality they hadn’t considered. People of all genders reported no longer feeling “alone” in their beliefs and/or experiences.