Why should I bring your show to my community?

Because in NY sex education classes, lessons on reproductive anatomy and basic functions were often inaccurate and incomplete; pervasive factual limitations reflected gender stereotypes and heterocentric bias. For example, Nearly 2-in-3 districts excluded any mention or depiction of external female genitalia from anatomy lessons. One district defined the vagina as a “sperm deposit.”
-NYCLU Birds, Bees and Bias: How Absent Sex Ed Standards Fail New York’s Students

Because while 75 percent of people with penises always reach orgasm during sex only 29 percent of people with vaginas report the same.
-National Health and Social Life Survey

Because social control of women’s sexuality, has been a vehicle to control women’s minds and inner lives throughout the history of the West.
-Naomi Wolf, Vagina: A New Biography

Because over half of all transgender students have been physically harassed in school because of their gender expression.
-GLSEN Harsh Realities: The Experiences of Transgender Youth in Out Nation’s Schools