Workshop Options:

If our show comes to your school/theatre/community center, we won’t just perform, we can also offer workshops that can directly engage your community.

Some workshop options include:
Post-Show Sex Education Workshop

Students will be actively engaged in a dialogue about female sexuality led by our performers and directors who are highly trained teaching artists and sex educators. By using the performance content as a starting off point, we can discuss a variety of topics and avoid the vulnerable, potentially awkward and uncomfortable vibe from traditional sex education workshops. We can focus on whatever topics are of most interest to your student body. For example: STI’s, partner communication, LGBT issues, trans issues and inclusive language, race and sexuality, etc.

Devised Theatre Workshop

Directors Maggie Keenan-Bolger and Rachel Sullivan are happy to offer workshops in devised theatre (the process of creating theatre without a script using the ideas, experiences and opinions of the people in the group) to a class of under 30 students. Extensive theatre training isn’t needed for this unique and cutting edge theatre form. The students will learn how to create engaging, ethical pieces of theatre based on issues of their choice.

Scene Incorporation

Maggie and Rachel will direct a team of under 10 students in a devised theatre scene to be incorporated into the culminating performance of The Birds and the Bees: Unabridged. Using techniques and styles similar to the creation of the show itself, students will be offered a first-hand scene creation and performance experience on the subject of female sexuality.

Interested in bringing us to your community? Contact us here for more information.